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I'm so happy to have found Friendica and the Fediverse. I first discovered Friendica back in 2014, when I was just starting for the first time to think about federated social networks. Now, 6 years later, not only am I running my own instance, I'm also a few projects away from opening it up to my friends and actually hosting my own social network.

My biggest contribution to the project is typically dropping in on Github issues to make feature requests, which I'm sure makes me a bit of a gadfly. But I have deep appreciation for @Hypolite Petovan and the other devs who keep this amazing project running.

Happy birthday, Friendica!
Today is #Fediverse12, the 12th birthday of the first post published on the #Fediverse by @Evan Prodromou on #Identica.

Back in late 2016 I'm glad the #Fediverse (comprising OStatus/ActivityPub-compatible social networks) and the #Federation (comprising Diaspora-compatible social networks) welcomed me when my #Facebook account was frozen and I was (and still am) too stubborn to give in to their demand to give me back access to it.

I've been contributing to #Friendica ever since, mostly through dogfooding through my own single-user node.

Happy Birthday to us and thank you to everyone who has contributed or still is contributing to this mind-boggling common project.