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Weekend report:

Friday and Saturday were super productive. I built a new raised garden bed on Friday, putting into practice what I'd learned building beds #1 and 2. The walls were twice as thick and I properly squared the corners, for starters, resulting in a much more solid construction. I also picked away at my new project, replacing door and cabinet hardware in my upstairs hallway, which is part of the much larger project of actually decorating our house (rather than falling back on the "Postgraduate Modern" look, as my dad calls it). I have grand visions for this house, and I'm so excited to actually make them happen.

In time, though. Can't do it all at once (for some reason).

I picked up Kingdom of Loathing again this weekend. Sigh. I used to love this game. I daydreamed about drawing a fan webcomic when I was younger. And I used to be pretty good at it, too--I knew most of the tricks and tools and was used to optimizing my way through a run. But several years have passed since I played actively, and there are so many new tools that I'm pretty lost.

On top of that, though, is the fact that co-creator Zack "Jick" Johnson was accused of abuse by his ex-partner last year. That was enough to make me cancel my donation subscription, and I thought I was done playing for good.

But damn it, it's still got some draw. Ten years of my life are in that game, and they're not going easily. I dipped my toe back into it this weekend, and I felt its draw, and I'm conflicted. I wish they'd just open-source the project so I could run my own copy.

Ha, now there's something. I always dreamed of making my own browser-based RPG like KoL. Now that I have my own server, it's easier than ever to tinker around... 🤔

Speaking of games with awful creators, I also jumped back into Minecraft today. God, this one's fun. After two busy days, I finally gave myself permission to veg out today, so I started a new world and immediately set to building a base in a mountain. It took some effort to quit at bedtime, which reminds me of staying up late playing it in my sophomore year dorm room... nine years ago. Yikes a-mighty.

I also downloaded and installed Minetest, the open-source Minecraft clone. Haven't tried it yet to see if it's any good--too busy with actual Minecraft.

My girlfriend stopped by this afternoon to drop off two strawberry plants, plus a little edible treat. We talked through the window. God, it'll be good to see people again.

Thinking of making some syrups this week to mix into seltzer. I'm jonesing for more tasty drinks.

Had to rein myself in and keep from buying fancy flavored coffee, a graphics card, and a Pinebook Pro. And a new light fixture for our hallway.

Finally, ended the weekend by asking friends on Facebook for book recommendations. Looking for something fun to offset the cold sobriety of Sarah Kendzior's Hiding In Plain Sight.

Really productive weekend. I obviously wish there weren't a pandemic on, and I especially wish this country weren't dominated by capitalist ghouls and headed by a self-absorbed misanthropic grifter trying to strip it for parts... but another part of me doesn't want life to go back to "normal". Bring me that small-scale cooperative anarchocommunism life, baby.