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What's the difference between folders, categories, and tags on Friendica? They all occupy a similar conceptual space in my head, but I know they function slightly different from one another.

If I can understand the differences, I may work on updating the documentation to be clearer about this.
As I see it (and it might differ from officially intended use):

- tags are, well, tags. They federate and can be used across various systems (not just your server but others too, including different social platforms) to categorize posts, search for them, form trends, users can subscribe for tags that interest them.

- categories are Friendica-only feature and they allow to sort your posts by topic so you can find them later. Categories are public so visitors of your Friendica profile can browse your posts by category.

- folders are another Friendica-only feature, another way to categorize posts. They are non-public so only you see your folders. Also you can save others' posts into folders so you can find them later. If your server expires old posts, it is possible to exclude saved posts from expiration.
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This is exactly the kind of explanation I was looking for. Thank you!