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I set up a Git forge on my home server today. It was remarkably easy, and though I still only barely understand Git, it's really cool that I can host my own.

I've got my own personal Git forge. I'm working on my own little social network for my friends and myself (as seen here). I've got my own little cloud thanks to NextCloud. Bit by bit, I'm pulling my data back under my control, and I love it!

I'm really looking forward to leaving Goodreads. I'm eagerly watching @Readlebee and @[email protected]'s Book Wyrm, because federated social reading? Yes please.

#selfhosting is so rad.
What's Git forge?
The way I've seen the term used, it's an instance of a web-based Git host like GitHub or GitLab.
Got it, thanks. What use do you have for such a tool?
Good question! I think it's an intersection of learning more about Git in general, getting more comfortable with directly editing configuration files in an open-source operating system, and exploring self-hosting more.

I set up a repo for my homepage on there. I don't need it for that project, of course--I could obviously just use Git locally, and will continue to do so--but I figured it was a good learning opportunity.

In the future, I may use it with a friend as we work on customizing and developing add-ons for my Friendica instance.
Awesome, good luck with that.