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I wanted my ebook copy of Alexander Berkman's "What Is Communist Anarchism?" that I got from The Anarchist Library to have a rad cover, so I made one using open, free, and public-domain resources.

My cover is CC-BY-NC 4.0. Have fun!

Oh, and do check out The Anarchist Library. They're a really rad resource.

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@Friendica Support and @Friendica Admins, what tools do non-admin users have to report posts, users, or other content?

⚠️heads up: COVID-19

What I’m trying to say is, if you’re feeling the ambient dread of COVID-19, consider an impromptu game night. We humans do a lot of funny things to deal with our anxieties. We channel them into habits, good or bad. We retreat into our electronic devices. Denial is always popular. But there is, it turns out, something quietly defiant about playing a game called Pandemic in the middle of an actual pandemic. I like to think it speaks to the chutzpah of the human race — our stubborn resilience, our essential cheekiness. Winston Churchill would have loved this game. It’s whistling in the dark.

And it felt hopeful, in the end. For a few glorious hours, my team of four was fighting back, shuttling between cities, heroically saving entire populations and eradicating disease around the world. I’m happy to report that in our notional recreation of a worldwide pandemic, we did indeed save the world. On our third try.
We saved the world from a pandemic — in a board game
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Black-and-white linocut art of a bunch of sunflowers, with the phrase "SOLIDARITY: We are all we really have"

I really, really, really love this print.

By Roger Peet, originally shared on Justseeds, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

"We are all solidarity we really have"?

I'm slightly confused.

⚠️ heads up: COVID-19

This is an amazingly insightful meditation on just how alienated from our humanity we are.

What we are and aren't considering speaks volumes.

Follow the link for the full thread.

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⚠️heads up: COVID-19

There are so many intertwining ideologies that have contributed to this mindset (Protestantism, Capitalism, Reaganism!). It’s the source of so many of our societal ills — and is a major reason for the broken, piecemeal state of our current healthcare and sick leave systems. If I’m fine with my healthcare, why would I care about others? If I get paid sick leave, why should I care if others not in my position don’t? Any good economist can tell you why you should — you eventually take on that burden in some way — but so many people cannot divorce themselves from the understanding of personal responsibility for, well, everything. You provide for and defend for yourself, and I’ll do the same for mine. Within this paradigm, if something bad happens (addiction, illness, disaster, poverty) you simply haven’t worked hard enough, haven’t cared enough, haven’t planned enough. The fault is yours, not the reticence of others to conceive of themselves as part of a larger social organism.
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I have this strong desire to make an informal lending circle.

I really miss being able to consistently get a good night's sleep. 😞

For whatever reason, more nights than not, I'm frequently waking up to change my position. That's all it is, and I get back to sleep super quickly after it, but I pop up into consciousness several times a night.

What I wouldn't give for consistent, uninterrupted sleep again.

Same here these days. It comes and goes and I can’t wait for the next coming.

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Does anyone have an XMPP/Jabber account I could send a test message to? I'm not sure if my server is delivering messages via XMPP properly.

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Our healthcare system disincentivizes getting treatment.

Workers are disincentivized from staying home and taking care of themselves.

The neoliberal government prioritizes pharma profits over public health.

Late-stage American capitalist society is a pandemic hotbed.


[heads up: coronavirus, US politics/uspol]

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I just discovered that the cool web design kids are using CSS Grid for their layouts now.

The last time I laid out a page, Flexbox had just come onto the scene and was the hot new shit.

Clearly, I'm behind the times.
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(stands on rooftop with megaphone)

Good evening.



Can't wait for your take on wrong "literally" uses.

Weirdly doesn't bug me too much.

Yesterday, we discovered that our internet provider somehow hadn't registered our change of address with our move, even though I had specifically told them we were moving and changing our service address. That led to a 30-minute phone call in the middle of date night, but the service was eventually restored.

This morning, I discovered that in addition to that issue, my desktop also somehow stopped recognizing its WiFi card. Even though it was working perfectly the day before.

I have a bunch of projects to work on and almost all of them are web-based right now. Now is not the time for technical difficulties. 🤬

I can't believe I'm only now discovering the IndieWeb.

Mike Rugnetta, one of my favorite humans I've followed on the internet, about why he's deleting his tweets:

It is not that I wish to rid myself of the ~inconvenience~ of having ~opinions~ but that I do not wish to re-litigate subject matter from 2012. But in many cases the persistent document of Twitter allows for points to remain open. The always-there reply button means a conversation is never settled – unless, of course, it is removed.

I am not running away from my past (as I think is sometimes the charge when someone boots their twoots). My principles have not radically altered in the last ~10 years. The core tenets are the same, I think: consider others, believe what they tell you, think with compassion and openness but without tolerance for hatefulness. But I have changed a lot, and how I communicate about and put into action those principles has changed. A persistent document of 40,000 (yikes) tweets cataloging my intentions and viewpoints literally up to the minute feels as though it ties me to some incorrectly stable version of myself, a weird and impossible amalgam of past and present. I don’t trust that document in the hands of the public or – honestly – an increasing number of governments. A public, persistent, and fixed catalog of one’s moment-to-moment outlook is a very unique document – and one we don’t yet have a widespread norm in interpreting.
Why I Deleted My Tweets

Oh no, that WordPress embed does not work well in Frio on Firefox for Android. Clicking "Continue reading" does nothing.

And yet, his deleted tweets have been archived in 1, 10, 100 places maybe. I understand the impulse but there's a risk to be reminded of tweets we thought deleted forever. It's obviously more likely for famous people but who plans their fame?

rude but eminently fair

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Why Google Calendar? It is is so ubiquitous it doesn't really indicate much?

True. I think the meme comes from a time when it was slightly less ubiquitous, and Google Calendar was the way to share calendars easily. In a vacuum, I wouldn't consider it a sign, but paired with other indicators I would.