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Hi friends and followers!

This account was always intended as a somewhat temporary one as I got used to Friendica and prepared to launch a dedicated instance for my friends. That time has come, and so I'm going to be winding down activity on this account.

My new account is @Spencer If we're mutuals, I'll probably send you a new friend request from that. If you follow me here, well, feel free to follow that account as well.

I won't be deleting this account, at least not immediately--it's handy to have a Friendica instance I can use for testing. But for day-to-day social stuff, you can find me over at Motley!

Thank you for your GitHub issue.
For sure! I'm trying to be better about making those once I'm relatively certain I'm encountering an actual issue and not just my own lack of understanding.

There's some Discourse™ over on hellsite about shoplifting, and I wrote a couple thoughts. ⚠️ Heads up for mention of abusive dynamics.

It continues to astound me how we in this country treat tyrannical behavior as something as inevitable as the weather.

If someone shoplifts from a store and the boss punishes workers for it, there are two people acting with agency in the scenario, and only one of them has the authority to punish others.

Yeah, don't steal, but if someone does steal, the boss's reaction to that is 100% the boss's responsibility. Period.

And if someone has the authority to punish you for something you didn't do, nothing was stopping them from finding any other excuse.

"They made me do it" is such a classic example of an abuser's responsibility-dodging.

"You got me so worked up."
"They were just so rude."
"A theft happened on your shift."

And sure, they wouldn't have that specific excuse if others had complied.

But tyrants will always find an excuse for their tyranny. Trying to contort our lives to give them no cover results in us being bent out of shape, and them still tyrannizing.

Tyrants want you to blame others for their own actions.

Don't play their game.
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How do you not play the game when you're a punished worker?
Hold your boss responsible for their own actions, even if only in your mind.

And provide support and solidarity to others working alongside you.

Those are the first couple ideas that come to mind.
"Don't play their game" may not be the best phrasing and these tweets were a little unclear on their audience.

I think the point I'm aiming for here is that deflecting responsibility is a classic pattern of those acting like petty tyrants, and it is aided when we discount the agency of those with power. We buy into this when we accept their justifications, so I'm trying to push back against this tendency.

It absolutely doesn't change material conditions. If your boss plays pretty tyrant and fires you, you're out of a job, period. So I'm not trying to discount that or ignore it, but just guide culpability to the person who made that choice.
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Thanks for the clarification, it's also a common behavior among domestic abusers to tell their victims they force them to be abusive/violent.
It absolutely is, yup. That was on my mind as I was writing this.