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Hi friends and followers!

This account was always intended as a somewhat temporary one as I got used to Friendica and prepared to launch a dedicated instance for my friends. That time has come, and so I'm going to be winding down activity on this account.

My new account is @Spencer If we're mutuals, I'll probably send you a new friend request from that. If you follow me here, well, feel free to follow that account as well.

I won't be deleting this account, at least not immediately--it's handy to have a Friendica instance I can use for testing. But for day-to-day social stuff, you can find me over at Motley!

Thank you for your GitHub issue.
For sure! I'm trying to be better about making those once I'm relatively certain I'm encountering an actual issue and not just my own lack of understanding.

Emoji Test Post

This is a public post to test how emoji display! I'm making it public so that a friend who's not currently in the Fediverse can see.


Left to right: Cowboy, taco, fountain pen, scotch, bacon.
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Displays perfectly here.

I believe anyone can give a post a #, but only a post author can assign categories.
I think that's #.

(Not really.)
Do these comments nest?
They do, but smartly. Reply chains are flattened to prevent visually challenging endless nesting levels.
This comment will make my previous one bump a level to indicate they aren't the same conversation chain.

This is a public post. Anyone can see it.
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